Add your SuperSaaS schedule to your business and social media channels

Several websites and social media channels offer the possibility to link to your SuperSaaS schedule directly from your business and social media page. Your visitors will be redirected to your online calendar when they click this link. Think of it as a “call-to-action” link or button. This tutorial will explain how to integrate this on different online listings and social media channels.

Add a link to your Instagram bio

If you have a Facebook Business account then adding a “Book now” button on your Instagram account as described on the Facebook integration may be preferable. An alternative is to add a clickable link to your Instagram bio, simply go to the “Edit Profile” section on your account page. Type in the URL of your SuperSaaS schedule in the section which says ‘Website’ and click ‘Submit’.

Unfortunately, Instagram only lets you add one link. If you want to share multiple links, there are several tools that will let you put together all these link destinations and share them via a single URL. Linktree is one of the most popular tools and will let you create a custom landing page that houses all the links you want to share. You can then just add the URL of this page to your Instagram bio.