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Online scheduling is fast becoming the new standard, benefiting both companies and consumers with its convenience and accessibility

  • The airline, hotel and restaurant industries have been utilizing online bookings for many years, and it is becoming the standard for other industries as well
  • The popularity of online shopping among consumers keeps increasing, and so too will the demand for convenient scheduling systems
  • Clients tell us that our system has contributed to significant business growth, in some cases, as much as by 400%
  • A new generation of consumers expect to be able to reach a business 24/7, which is made possible by online scheduling
Online bookings becomes the standard

The flexibility of our system means SuperSaaS can be utilized for many different applications

  • SuperSaaS is used in a wide variety of cases, ranging from serving as a booking system for large vaccination projects to individuals using the system to schedule appointments with clients
  • Our client portfolio includes government organizations, multinationals, hospitals, as well as small enterprises and independent professionals
  • A SuperSaaS account allows you to create as many schedules as you like. Many clients take advantage of this and use the system for additional purposes, such as booking meeting rooms for internal meetings
  • The system is used by clients from around the world and is available in 33 languages
Serves many different scheduling needs

Three different types of schedules to support the needs of any type of company

  • The “resource” schedule is designed for one-on-one appointments, like when booking a therapy session, driving lesson or dog training
  • The “capacity” schedule can handle multiple reservations in one time slot, which is popular for applications such as event registration or fitness classes
  • The “service” schedule allows the user to first select a service rather than a resource, at which point they are presented with the available times. The availability of a service schedule can depend on multiple resources
One-on-one appointments

SuperSaaS’s self-service model allows access to all the different functions of the system, at a highly competitive rate

  • The setup assistant guides you through the basic system setup
  • Our documentation page offers background information on specific system settings
  • You can always rely on our online support for additional assistance
Easy setup

A wide range of system features enables you to customize the system to your individual needs

  • Automatic confirmations mean no more missed appointments
  • Integrated payment options make point-of-sale payments a thing of the past
  • The system is easily integrated into your existing website
  • Automatic waiting lists ensure optimal and accurate capacity
Automatic waiting list
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