Working with forms

Adding a form to your registration and/or booking process allows you to collect additional information from users when they access your online booking calendar. Once you have processed the forms, you may delete or retain them for future reference. This data can also be downloaded for use with other applications like a CRM system.

Accessing forms

Go to Supervise to access an overview of all submitted forms, regardless of whether they were submitted as part of the booking process or as stand-alone forms. If a form was submitted as part of another process in your online booking calendar, it will contain a link to jump directly to the relevant part in that process. By clicking the form icon, you can access a concise version of each form in the overview. The little pop-up that appears offers links to delete or edit the full version of the form.

Overview of submitted forms

Deleting forms

When you delete a form, it is moved to the trash. You can view the trash via the Show trash link at the top of the table. In order to restore a deleted form from the trash, click the form icon – in the pop-up that appears.

If a form is attached to another object, like an appointment, it will be automatically moved to the trash if the appointment gets deleted. It will also be automatically restored if the related appointment is moved out of the trash. In the case of a repeating appointment, one form can be attached to multiple objects. The form will only be moved to the trash if all corresponding appointments have been deleted. Items get permanently removed from the trash automatically after a week.

Overview of forms in trash

Downloading forms

Via Supervise, you can also download all forms by clicking in the header of the table and choosing the file type – CSV, XLS or XML. Conveniently, when a form is attached to the registration process, it can be downloaded as part of the user information via Export in your online booking calendar. Similarly, when a form is attached to a booking process, its data will be included in the booking information that can be obtained via Supervise > Download.

Storing forms

You can see the total number of forms that have been filled out, and the total number allowed on your package (both per month and in total) via Usage Information. This page also allows you to quickly delete outdated forms, using automatic removal settings. Based on these settings, old items will be removed once a day.

Usage information